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Omaha Tennis Buddies Newsletter

Updated 7-18-21



July 26, Aug 2

LOVE GROUP- 5:45-7:30 PM
July 19


Fundraiser Event- Postponed
Stay tuned for the rescheduled date.

2021 SONE STATE GAMES, Woods Tennis Center, Lincoln, NE

Saturday, Aug 7 (Time TBD)

Events: Singles, Doubles, Unified Doubles (Athletes may choose one.)

Athletes and Volunteers- click on the sign up link above to register.

I am looking for 4 volunteers to help with the lunches at State.  It would involve bringing a couple of coolers to store the lunches and then handing them out to the volunteers and athletes and marking off on a spreadsheet who has picked up their lunches.  Not too difficult.  The lunches will be delivered to Woods for us.  I will order a lunch for any volunteer that helps out.


I need 2 volunteers that would be inside and 2 that would be outside.


The inside volunteers would have athletes that are playing singles, doubles or unified doubles.  The outside volunteers would have athletes that are playing in the Green Division which is the short court play.


I also need someone that would like to be the Green Division score recorder for the outside courts.  You would be able to watch all the matches.  You would just need to record the scores as courts finish and collect and hand out balls to team as they report in.


Thanks for stepping up to give us a hand!  It will be good to be back doing what the athletes love to do!


PLEASE LET ME KNOW:  E-mail Nancy.

Quick Links:

Athlete Sign-Up   Volunteer Sign-Up  

Code of Conduct Form    COVID-19 Code of Conduct Form

Click Here to read Nancy's June 2 E-mail to the Deuce Group.

Click here to read Nancy's important e-mail from May 26.


Don't forget to go to Sign Up Genius!  You MUST be signed up to play in order to attend.  Remember the group that you were assigned to, either LOVE or DUECE.  Only sign up for the weeks that you are assigned to play.  In January and February each athlete will get 4 time slots.  We apologize for the restrictions, but we will start this way and then reevaluate.  

Have a Happy New Year!

I received confirmations from most of you, and I thank you for that.  If you did not respond, then please do so soon.  If I do not have you registered you will not be able to use Sign Up Genius for your athlete to play.  With the COVID complications we are going to be very strict with sign ups.  If your athlete is not signed up prior to the play date they will not be allowed to attend.  We are going to  manage our numbers by knowing who is attending and how many volunteers we will need.  This policy will be strictly enforced!  In that past we have been able to be lenient, but not this session.


We will be dividing the athletes into 2 groups according to the level of instruction that they need.  You will be notified soon the group that your athlete will be in.  One group will be DUECE and the other will be LOVE.  Which one will you be???


Groups will attend practice on alternating weeks.  We will only have one group play on any given week.  We will play in January and February so each group will get 4 practices.  After that we will reassess our needs and the COVID situation.  We will all have to be flexible and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.  Practices will start on 1/9/21 and conclude on 2/27/21.  They will be on Saturdays at the MAC (formally the Tennis Club) from either 4:30-6 or 5:00-6.  


Right now I am thinking we will take March off and resume on 4/3/21-5/29/21 with a possible tournament 5/22/21 through SONE.  You will receive information as the schedule develops.  Please note these dates on your calendar in PENCIL:-)


There will be many safety protocols in place when you arrive at the MAC.  All athletes will need to have masks on when they arrive, will have their temperatures taken and will be asked the COVID questions that were asked this Fall when we played at Koch.  If your athlete has not done this before, we ask that a parent or caretaker be present to help the athlete answer so there is no confusion on their part as to understanding what we are asking.  There will be "dots" on the floor to help distance the athletes when they arrive.  At this time I am unsure of the status of spectators allowed at the MAC.  I will get clarification before we start back.


Every court will have hand sanitizer for each athlete to use as they enter and exit the court.  Volunteers and athletes can wear masks on court if they desire.  All volunteers will wear gloves while on the court.  Each athlete will have a "dot" to put their equipment and water on at an appropriate distance from other athletes.  Each athlete will have a color coded ball hopper to use to pick up balls.  These will be wiped down after the end of each practice.  


We will start with these procedures and adapt as needed.  If you have any suggestions for measures we can take, please feel free to share them with me.


I appreciate you patience and understanding as we develop and adapt our program to the challenges we have been presented.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that your athlete and the volunteers are playing in a safe manner.  Again, if you have a suggestion or concern, please share with me. 


Happy Holidays to all of my Buddies and families and a Happy New Year!  Be sure to be on the lookout for emails with details for our start of practices.  


Missing you all and thanks for ensuring you are familiar with our schedule and procedures!



Fall Practice Photos



Plan to wear a mask until you are ready to actively play on the court.  If you prefer for your athlete to keep their mask on please inform the volunteer that is supervising your athlete's court.


Please plan to enter through the building and exit through the outside gate.  Try to maintain the 6 foot distances, except on the court.  Bring your own water and towel for your athlete as there is none available on the courts or in the building.  The restrooms are open inside, but you will need to have a mask on if you use them.

#1 Arrive fifteen minutes early.

#2 Have temperature taken.

#3 Complete the Special Olympics COVID-19 Participation Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment Form:  Click Here to View/Download.

#4 Turn in the medical forms for physicals or registration forms if they were sent to you.


I have sent emails to almost everyone that has a physical form that is going to expire in 2019.  You need to have a current physical on file every 3 years.  The forms are available on or I can send them to you if needed.  Your athlete cannot participate in Tennis Buddies and Special Olympic activities without a current physical on file.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  This is especially crucial for the All Star Tournament and the State Tournament.  **If your physical expires AFTER August 3rd you can get a physical done at the Healthy Athlete event at the State Games.  I will have more information on this as we get closer to the event.


As we head for our summer program I need more parent help.  There are several jobs that need to be covered that are too much for me to handle alone.   Please consider how you can help with our athletes this summer.

    a. Birthday cards (all year round) 1 person

    b. Thank you, sympathy...any cards as needed (all year round) 1 person

    c. Equipment unload/load-get to Koch a little stay a little late to help Tammy and I(summer only) 4-6 people

    d. Valentine's Day party (one time a year) 4-6 people

    e. Walking Club (September and October) 2-4 people

    f. Family Picnic (August) 4-6 people

    g. Medical Forms-keep them current (all year round) 1 person

    h. Big Red Raffle (August to November) head and 6 helpers

    i. Lunches at the State Games (1 time a year) 1 person

    j. Banquet and dance tickets for State Games (1 time a year) 1 person

    k. Family Fishing Expo-Saturday, Sept 7th from 9AM-1PM-Is there a fisherman out there that would like to take on this job and organize a group to go to Bellevue Rod and Gun Club?  They have a fishing day for special needs kids and their families.  Everything is provided along with instruction and equipment.  Thought it would be a fun, free activity.  (1 time a year) 1-2 people

    l. Pumpkin Patch event (October) 2-3 people


**If you are currently doing this job and want to continue then let me know.  If you want to change to a different job or do more than one job that is okay too.  As you can see there are a lot of things that you can help with.  We love our Tennis Buddies and want to this to be a rounded experience with lots of tennis activities along with social events so we can all bond and form lasting friendships.



Now that you are used to using this application we will be relying on it more and more for activities as they come up.  PLEASE plan to  use it when instructed so that all of these sign ups are simplified for the organizer.  For example we will be using it for State Tennis-   participation, lunches,  dance and banquet, Family picnic, Fishing, pumpkin patch...  Just a reminder that if you DO NOT sign up when requested to you will be considered a no or absent.          

Check out our Photos Page, as many new Tennis Buddies photo albums have been posted


CLICK HERE to view a summary of the topics covered at our recent parent/caregiver meetings.


*in case of inclement weather please check your emails or for cancellations or change in location


*Mary McHale will be contacting any athletes that need to renew their physicals for 2019.  If you receive a notice to renew be sure to get the Special Olympics form to take to the doctor and file a copy with me and with Special Olympics Nebraska.  All athletes need to have a current physical on file in order to participate with Tennis Buddies.


* If your athlete has a change in caretaker please let me know so that I can make changes to my roster.  I include the caretakers in the emails that I send so they have needed information for scheduling.  Also update me if you have any changes to your personal information such as address, phone number, email...

* If you are interested in supplemental practice times during the week (hopefully at Happy Hollow), please let Nancy know.

* Be certain that Nancy has your athlete's current clothing sizes for: shirt, sweatshirt and shorts.

* We would like to like to share our roster list with our Tennis Buddies families.  Please let Nancy know if we have your permission to share this information.


Omaha Volunteers now have a page on this website with information dedicated to them.  Look under the "Volunteer" tab above, and select OMAHA VOLUNTEER INFO


Cancellations are made by 1:00 on the day of practice and we will try to get it posted on I will also send out an email.


Please use the website for information.  Past information that I have shared with you is posted on the site and is a wealth of information that is posted for your benefit.  Try to make it your "go-to" for dates and times of upcoming events and explanations of happenings.  A HUGE thanks to Jane Hines for maintaining and posting the vital information and the wonderful photos of our athletes!


If you have any pictures that you would like to share, can you send them to Jane Hines. Jane developed our website and will post the pictures on our Tennis Buddies Photos Page.


Below you will find the schedules for the Creighton Men's and Women's Tennis teams. Our athletes can learn a lot by watching them play. Creighton players are very faithful with volunteering throughout the winter months.

Creighton Men's Schedule
Creighton Women's Schedule



Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.