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Updated 7-19-18


We have had 2 parent meetings and I think that most everyone has attended.  I will just give a brief summary of what was covered in case you were unable to attend.


First of all, thank you for sharing your athlete with us and for getting them to practice.  Your support for the program is invaluable.


We have faced some challenges this past year as we have grown.  Tennis Buddies services 46 athletes now!  What a blessing!  Even as we have grown we have been able to provide Tennis Buddies at no cost to your athlete, but as we all know nothing is free.  We have court costs, clothing, equipment, tournaments and travel expenses.  For this we rely on donations, grants and the funds we raise with the Big Red Raffle.  


Sign Up Genius

Sign Up Genius has been a very valuable tool to help us calculate our needs for courts and volunteers.  Going forward signing up for practices will be mandatory.  If your athlete is not signed up then I will assume that they will not be attending and will not have court and volunteer help planned for them.  Along with signing up it is important to also delete them from a sign up if you are going to be absent.  Twice this summer I have had courts go unused because I was planning on athletes that had signed up and then they did not show.  We still have to pay for the courts even though we did not use them.  We will also be expanding Sign Up Genius to include other events that occur throughout the year.  If you need help you can always contact us and we will assist you.



I know that you receive a lot of emails.  I try to limit ones from Tennis Buddies, but sometimes there is a lot of information that needs to get out.  Please try to read them carefully and respond to all of the questions asked and please do so in a timely manner.  Most everything that comes from TB usually has a deadline associated with it.



I will have the team roster at the next two practices.  Please look it over and make sure that there are no mistakes in your information.  If there is ever a change in address, phone, email, caretakers...please shoot me an email with that update.


We also passed around sign up sheets listing jobs that you can assist us with.  I will list them and if you are interested in anything then let me know.


Athlete Birthday cards-send out as needed

   Sheri Lamb


Thank you/sympathy/get well cards-send out as needed

   Stacey Carnazzo


Equipment Unload/load (summer only)

   Scott Lamb

   Stacey Carnazzo

   Susan Gass

   Michele Greenwood

   Elizabeth and Kylee Kamtz


Valentine's Day Party

   Kathy McClellan

   Chris Kawamoto

   Susan Roecker

   Kristie Fech

   Kay Drwal


Walking Club

   Barb Nietzel

   Tammy Hill

   Alisa Hoffman


Medical Records

   Mary McHale


Family Picnic

   Wendy Jeffrey

   Alisa Hoffman


Big Red Raffle-Need more help

   Donna Sommerer-Lead

   Kristie Fech

   Beth Friedman

   Wendy Jeffrey


State Games

Distribute Lunches

   Scott & Sheri Lamb

   Beth Friedman


Hand out banquet bracelets

   Chris Kawamoto


Assist Clara and Joe with moving, tracking down athletes for matches, reminding them to get their lunches, in general just making sure the day goes smoothly-Need more help

   (Tammy and I are both gone that day and these 2 have volunteered to help coordinate things)

   Kristie Fech

   Michele Greenwood



In January we will start restringing and replacing grips on racquets as needed.  Let me know if you have any needs before then.  Center Court will restring racquets for us and will bill me.  Just be sure that you tell them it is for Tennis Buddies.  Also, if your athlete takes a growing spurt or you don't think that the racquet that they have is meeting their needs then let us know and we will refit them.  We get awesome racquet donations from the tennis community so we have quality racquets to hand out.



Mary McHale may be contacting you about keeping your athlete's physical updated.  We need a current physical on file every three years.  


State Games

   All of the athletes that indicated that they were participating have been signed up.  I have also ordered lunches for the athletes that wanted them.  The cost of the lunches will be paid for by Tennis Buddies.  

   I have sent in the numbers for the banquet and dance.  Those tickets are also paid for by Tennis Buddies.


Family Picnic

   We are putting together plans for a picnic.  Potential dates are August 11 or 12th.  You will be receiving more information as these plans are finalized.


Click here to view photos from 2017 Fred Johnson ALL Star Event in Wichita, KS. 

 Also, check out this cool 2017 event video.


Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.

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