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We always have a good time at our Tennis Buddies practices and events.  Volunteers- check out some Buddy Tips.


Purpose of the Program 

  • Have fun 

  • Learn tennis skills 

  • Get exercise 

Tips for Unified Partners



  • Watch for spacing of players so no one gets hit with a racket. 



  • Learn the names of the athletes. 

  • Get athletes to talk…ask questions that need more than “yes” or “no”. 

  • We pick-up balls as a group and socialize with each other then. Majority of our athletes have 45 minutes of court time per week. 


During Practice 

  • Lots of hits are important. 

  • Demonstrate activities (shadow drills) 

  • Don’t overload the athlete with info….one key point is enough. 

  • Connect a compliment….. 

  • Instead of “Nice shot!”…say…“Your toss was higher...nice serve!” 

  • Be generous with praise. 

  • Don’t be afraid to correct them. Expect them to improve. 

  • Provide constant repetition (review, review, review) 

  • Adapt the activity they are doing so they can be successful. 

  • Hit balls at their level when playing with each other. 

  • Some athletes are on medication with reduced reaction time. 

  • Give visual congrats such as high fives and thumbs up. 


End of Practice 

  • Help pick-up and return equipment.


Thank you for being a tennis buddy. This program couldn’t work without YOU!




Find out more about becoming a Buddy.

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