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Text Terri Fuxa- (402) 306-1730
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OMAHA Big Red Raffle 2023

Updated 9-27-23

From Terri Fuxa: 

Raffle tickets and money need to be turned in by October 20. Several options for returning them:


1. Send tix and check ( made to special Olympics Nebraska) to me

Terri Fuxa,  13523 Hascall St, Omaha, NE 68144

2. Bring to my home. Text to make arrangements. 402 306 1730  


We ask that each family to sell 2 books. This is our only fundraiser. There are many that have not picked up tickets to sell. Again several options. 


1. Send check $40 made to special Olympics Nebraska. I will fill out the tickets for you. 

2. Stop by my house for tickets. 


Thank you,



It's time for the Big Red Raffle!  This is the one and only fundraiser that we do.  It is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for your program and ALL of the profits from our ticket sales goes to Omaha Tennis Buddies!!  It is such a great deal!  It helps us to continue to offer Tennis Buddies at no cost to you, to purchase equipment and balls, helps pay for court time at the MAC and at Koch, provides your uniforms and bags, helps cover the cost for Vala's and the movie theater rental...the list goes on and on.  We have been so blessed to have wonderful people and foundations support us.  


Terri Fuxa is handling the BBR tickets and money for the program so all requests should go to her.  She prefers text messaging at (402) 306-1730.


We ask that each athlete sell 2 books of raffle tickets.  The value of the tickets is $40.  This is the only financial request that we make to sponsor our program, other than a cash donation for our Vala's outing.


ALL proceeds from the sales that our athletes do come directly to our program.  


You have the option of just donating $40 or an amount of your choosing instead of selling any tickets.  In that case, make out your check to Nancy Samson and send to Terri Fuxa at 13523 Hascall St, Omaha, NE 68144.


We will be collecting sold and unsold tickets at Vala's on Sept 21.  If you are not attending the outing then you will have to arrange to drop the tickets off to Terri at a later date.


We will be selling tickets at HyVee (7910 Cass St) on Saturday, Sept 9 from 8-10 am.  John and Coleen and Alina Moser have arranged for this sale.  I would love to have a couple of helpers for Alina there from 8-10 AM.  Let Nancy know if you could help out!

Thanks for your participation.


Terri Fuxa- Please text (402) 306-1730


Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.

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