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OMAHA Big Red Raffle 2021

Updated 10-14-21

Contact Nancy  or Tammy to get your tickets!  All tickets (sold or unsold) and money should be returned to Tammy by Oct 20.


It’s time again for the Big Red Raffle! 

Thanks to everyone for your contribution to our fundraiser.  Remember that Tennis Buddies get to keep every dollar you collect.  It allows us to continue to offer our program at not cost to you.  We do have court fees and bills that we have to pay so your help is greatly appreciated.  If you have not picked up any tickets yet, please contact Tammy at 402-670-7277.  She has all the tickets and will be collecting the money.


We ask that each family sells a minimum of 2 books of tickets, valued at $40.  

If you need to pick up Big Red Raffle tickets or you need to hand in sold tickets and money, please feel free to do that at Vala's.  Tammy and I can help you with that.  Any tickets, sold or unsold, and the money, needs to be to Tammy by October 20th.  We need to have all of the tickets and money in to SONE by Oct 27th.  Thanks for helping make this happen. Any tickets that are missing will be billed to our Tennis Buddies account.  


Again, if you need more tickets or you are ready to turn in your tickets and money, please contact Tammy at 402-670-7277.


Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.