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OMAHA Big Red Raffle 2022

Updated 8-4-22

It's time for the Big Red Raffle!  This is the one and only fundraiser that we do.  It is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for your program and ALL of the profits from our ticket sales goes to Omaha Tennis Buddies!!  It is such a great deal!  It helps us to continue to offer Tennis Buddies at no cost to you, to purchase equipment and balls, helps pay for court time at the MAC and at Koch, provides your uniforms and bags, helps cover the cost for Vala's and the movie theater rental...the list goes on and on.  We have been so blessed to have wonderful people and foundations support us.  


We ask that each family of an athlete sell 2 books of tickets.  The books are $20 each for 5 tickets or $5 for an individual ticket.  They are so easy to sell because the prizes are so phenomenal. 1st prize is 2 Husker tickets for the season, 2nd prize is a flight on Southwest and 3rd is a big TV.  It will say on the tickets exactly what the prizes are.  


Please feel free to sell as many tickets as you can!  You can also make a donation if you don't want to sell any tickets or make a donation over and above the tickets.  Please communicate with the ladies that will be heading the committee.


Sheri Lamb, Brenda Urrutia, or Betty McCracken will be contacting you to get the tickets that you want to you.  If you are at State this Saturday they will be handing out tickets for you to take with you on Saturday.  Please think about how many tickets you might want to start with.  If you need more we can get any amount. 


If you are not at State they will be communicating with you by phone and email to get the tickets out to our team.  Please help by making it easy to contact and connect with you.  


All tickets, sold or unsold, must be turned into SONE by the determined date.  I believe it is in Nov.  Any tickets that are not turned in will be billed to Omaha Tennis Buddies.  


Thanks so much for your participation!   



Sheri Lamb, 402-312-8766

Brenda Urrutia, 402-995-9068

Betty McCracken 402-525-2294 (Lincoln)


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