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OMAHA Big Red Raffle 2021

Updated 9-14-21

Contact Nancy to get your tickets!


It’s time again for the Big Red Raffle! 

This is the one and only fundraiser that we do.  All of the money from your ticket sales goes to the Omaha Tennis Buddies.  


As in the past I am asking that each family sells 2 books, which is $40 in tickets if you sell complete books.  The books are 5 tickets for $20 or each ticket is $5 a piece.  If you sell 5 separate tickets it is $25.


If you want to get or turn in tickets the night of the Vala's event that would be a good opportunity.   


The prizes are really great.  I believe similar as in the past.  Two season tickets to Husker Football, 2 tickets on Southwest Airlines and a big TV.  We are planning on distributing 5 books to each family.  If you want more please let me know!  Your support helps us maintain the program and allows us to provide it to your athlete at no cost to you.  We have many fees over the year for courts, equipment, uniforms, team activities and maintenance of racquets.  We are blessed by generous donors and grants to help us with funding. 


Donna Sommerer

Omaha Tennis Buddies

Big Red Raffle Coordinator. 


Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.