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Important e-mails from Nancy

Omaha Tennis Buddies Newsletter

News from Nancy 6-1-23

Our outdoor season starts next Monday, June 5th from 6:00-8:00.  The DEUCE/ACE groups will come from 5:45-7:00 and the LOVE/AD will be from 6:45-8:00. 

July 17

July 24

July 31

August 5 State Games in Lincoln for ALL athletes


Our new location is Millard North High School.  The courts are on the north side of the school next to the baseball diamond.  We will have access to the bathrooms in the building next to the courts.  There are viewing bleachers, but you may want to pack chairs.  


Please remember sun screen, hats, visors, bug spray, and lots of water.  

You must use Sign up Genius.  If you are unable to attend then please let me know and delete your sign up.  Please do not skip without notice.  **Links to sign up are found on this website.  Any information that I send in an email is also posted on this website.


Here are the groups as of now.  If you have already signed up for play times and I have changed your group, then delete the sign up and move to the correct group.  PLEASE, if I miss an athlete then let me know ASAP!



Ellie    Molly    Sherri    Alan    Marni    Janet    Lisa    Sergio    Camille    Olivia    Katie    Corina    Lucas    Ben W


Regan    Chloe    Nina    Adri    Arin    Cael    Josh    Devin    Tina J   Ethan   Joseph T



Thomas    Matt C    Holly    Melissa    Grace    Scott    Tina M    Hannah    Alina    JD    Sam    Beth    Nicole    


Zach    Brody    Abby   Joe D    Aiden    Nick    Ivan    Ben O    Kaleb G    Barrett    Patrick   Haley   Wyatt  Kayla


Carter   Kylee   Monica


We need lots of volunteers for State Games as either Unified Partners or as partners in the Green Division.  I hope that you can make time in your busy schedules to be there.  If you already know that you can make it and if there is a special athlete that you would like to partner with let me know.



Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.

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