Important e-mails from Nancy


News from Nancy 1-10-22

Hey Everyone!


It's time to start back with our Tennis Buddies practices.  First, I want to remind everyone that your athlete needs to be signed up on SIGN UP GENIUS by Friday of each week.  If they are not signed up then we will not have a court assignment for them. Please do not come without using the sign up online.  Also, ALL paperwork must be either emailed to me ahead of time or you must bring it on Saturday.  If you are missing anything it can be found on under become an athlete.  I am individually emailing stating what you are missing.  You should be getting an email from Kathleen Samland if your athlete's physical is near expiration.  Because of COVID if you let the physical expires we ask that your athlete not attend until they have been to the Dr.  Thanks for your understanding.  


Since the new variant of COVID is very active, we will return to using the temperature checks and COVID questions.  As a precaution we will ask that you wear a mask into the MAC and for registration and warm ups.  Please have a parent or caretaker with the athletes, especially at the start as we will be asking questions about wether they have been around someone with COVID in the last 14 days and if they have any symptoms.  We just want to make sure that they understand what we are asking.

We will not be able to meet on the Soccer side this year so will meet upstairs. Please do not arrive before 3:45 or 4:45.


I am in need to 2 parents from DEUCE and 2 from ACE.  One to do the temperature checks and the other to record and ask the 2 COVID questions.  If you are able to help out please let me know.


We will use hand sanitizer before entering the courts and it will be available to use as you depart.  We will distance the athletes on the court.  They will each have a colored dot and a hopper (basket to pick up balls) with a corresponding color of tape on the handle.  As they enter the court they should pick a dot and place their water bottle, backpack, coat...near that dot.  If your athlete is new and you want to escort them to the court and show them where to put their items you are welcome to and then you can go upstairs and observe the lesson through the window.  We ask that parents do not stay on the courts while the athletes are playing.  The exception to that would be if an athlete is having a difficult time and we think having a familiar face might help.  In that case we will come and get you.  We try to work through most things on the court first so that the athlete becomes confident and comfortable.  


New athletes will just need to dress in appropriate active clothing.  I would suggest layers as it can be chilly on the courts.  A hoodie, short sleeve shirt and either shorts or long athletic pants and sport tennis shoes.  Please do not wear jeans or fashion shoes on the courts.  Included in the fashion shoes are tennis shoes not meant for activity.


All athletes will get a racquet to use that is theirs to keep.  If they should decide that tennis is not for them then we ask that you return the racquet so that we can use it for another athlete coming in.  If you are a returning athlete then we will try to take a look at the racquet to make sure it does not need maintenance.  You are always welcome to take your racquet to Center Court on 120th and south of Blondo and they will re-grip and/or re-string as necessary.  Just let them know that you have a Tennis Buddies racquet.  You can always ask a coach or volunteer if the racquet needs to be taken in.  


New athletes will not have all of the apparel and backpacks that the long-time athletes have.  Once your athlete has determined that they want to continue with tennis for the long term we will get them the uniforms and backpacks they will need.


On the court your athlete may wear a mask if you so choose.  Just let us know if you want them to keep it on.  Otherwise, we are not required to wear a mask while exercising.  It is an individual choice.


We are looking forward to getting back to tennis and seeing old friends and making new friends.  


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