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We strive to keep our Tennis Buddies practices organized and fun.  The January Drills for the Omaha Tennis Buddies practices are outlined below.



Group 1

Court 1 forehands, backhands, "Find It" and "Dot-to-Dot" crosscourt (need 1 to 1 coverage on this court)

              Court 2 Short shots and approach shots

              Court 3 lobs

              Court 4 Volleys

4:45-5:00 Whole Group Game (all athletes from Group 1 should come to Court 1 to play a game


5:00-5:30 Court 1 4-5 athletes will play sets (need one volunteer to supervise)


Group 2

Court 2  Volleys

Court 3 backhands

Court 4 Approach shots and short shots


These lessons will be repeated for the month of January.  The lesson will move to the next court next week.  You can stay on the same court next week and teach the same lesson to a different group of athletes or you can stay on the same court and teach a new lesson with the same athletes.  Your choice.



All lessons can be adapted for your court level.  Do what is best for your group!  Try to hit on the concept that we are covering, but if you need to concentrate on basics that is okay too.  We trust that you are teaching what needs to be covered.  PLEASE remember that we are really trying to raise the level of play especially for the athletes that are capable.  Don't allow poor form and footwork.  Keep on teaching and reinforcing good technique.  That said, we aren't into negative coaching.  We just want our athletes to compete at the highest level they are capable of.  Don't settle!  They are eager to learn!



Tips for being an effective buddy. 

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