Important e-mails from Nancy


News from Nancy 11-17-21

Hey Everyone,

Hope that you are all doing well and that you enjoyed our trip to Vala's!  It was such a hit that we hope to make it an annual event.  We are planning another fun activity.  On Dec. 13th, Monday, we will be renting a theater for a movie just for us.  It will be the 7:00 showing.  We are watching trailers of the available movies and will make a choice.  We are waiting to see what the capacity will be for the theater.  As soon as we have a number I will let you know that Sign Up Genius will be up and running.  We will be limited to the seats in the theater so will limit the attendance to that.  When it goes live it will be first come first served.  When we reach capacity the sign up will be closed.  Just wanted to give you a heads up to watch for the invite and sign up promptly. We will also have all of the details at that time.


I have talked with the Landon at the MAC and have decided to resume play on January 8th.  Because of the growth of the program we will continue to offer play every other week for our groups.  I will be sending out the lists of the groups and their names for identification on Sign Up Genius. 


We are also talking to the folks at Koch to schedule the All Star Tournament that we were scheduled to host 2 years ago.  It looks like we will be resuming a more normal schedule.  The date has not been determined as of yet, but we will need all hands on deck to make it happen.


It looks like we will be ordering new hoodies this year.  They will be black with the Tennis Buddies logo on the front.  We had lengthy discussions about the color and decided that black was more inline with our complete uniform. Please email Tammy at with the size your athlete will need.  Indicate adult or youth size.  Plan for growth when you decide on size.


I am also collecting information for the current roster.  I have been going down the list and have reached the P's.  If you have not responded please do so.  If you are receiving one in the future then please respond promptly.  I would love to have this under control.  PLEASE, if any of your information changes, address, caretakers, phones, emails then let me know ASAP so that I can make the updates!


Kathleen Samland will be contacting anyone that has an athlete needing a new physical in 2022.  I believe there are many!  Your physicals are good for 3 years and must be current for you to be on the court.  Please be proactive getting appointments.  The paperwork can be found on SONE.orgunder athletes.  Take those forms to the physicians office as SONE prefers that we have that form on file.  One copy comes to me and one should be mailed or faxed to SONE.


That's all for now!  You'll be hearing more from me soon! 



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