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News from Nancy 5-26-21

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder that Sign Up Genius is live and ready for you to sign up your athlete for our summer session!  Please do so ASAP so that I can get courts lined up for us at Koch.  Please note the group you are signing up for.  Make sure your athlete is in that group.  It is not alternating weeks as there is a court conflict that I had to work around.  


**You can always go to and find the link for Sign Up Genius.  Also, see pictures and any information that I send out is always posted there too.  Try to get in the habit of checking there first. There is lots of valuable information!


A few other reminders as we go into the summer season.  It is hot out so make sure your athlete hydrates and brings plenty of water, uses sun screen, wears cool clothing and a hat.  We are playing for just an hour so that helps with getting over heated.  Also, if you are not able to make a time that you are signed up for then please let me know as soon as you possibly can.  During the summer we spread out onto many courts and if someone does not show up as planned we have unused courts and volunteers that wonder if they are really needed.  We have to pay for the courts regardless, but we don't want to ever give the volunteers the impression that they are not needed.  They are too valuable to our program!  Thanks for your understanding on this.  Also remember that if your athlete is not signed up on Sign Up Genius then they will not be assigned a court for that date.  I don't ever want to turn anyone away, but this is the format that we have to follow.  We have 48 athletes now and 107 volunteers that I communicate with so for everything to work smoothly we all have to do our part.  Thanks for your understanding.


Mondays 6:00-7:00 (please arrive around 5:45 for check-in) We will have a similar check-in to what we were doing at the MAC.  At least for now we will take temps, ask the COVID questions and collect any missing paperwork and give court assignments.   We have lots of physicals expiring soon so make sure that you are on top of that.  


Koch Tennis Center 

12440 W. Maple Road

the tennis courts are on the north side, the ice arena is on the south side of the area on the north side of Maple


We will be playing all of June and July with our culminating tournament at the NE State Games on Saturday, August 7th.  This event is played at Woods Tennis Center in Lincoln on both indoor and outdoor courts.  The State Games are open to all levels of players, from beginners to the most experienced.  This year your athlete will only be allowed to play in one event.  They will have to choose singles, doubles or unified doubles.  I will have more information on this as we get a bit closer to the event.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.


We have several new athletes that have started this Spring and we want to welcome them and their families to our program.

Zach Reynolds (Renee)

Brody Schuster (Kevin)

Ethan Costello (Mary)

Cael Campin (Tracy)


Please let me know your uniform needs.  Your athlete should have a short sleeve yellow shirt, a short sleeve teal shirt, a long sleeve teal shirt and a teal hoodie.  They should also have a backpack with a personalized name tag.  If you are in need of anything then please let me know.  I know that Nick needs new sizes and someone else, Bela and Corina??, gave me shirts that didn't fit on Saturday.  Sorry I can't remember.  From now on, since I am such an airhead, please bring any out grown shirts in a bag labeled with your athlete's name and the new sizes they need.  As these are not worn often we can recycle the uniforms and give to someone else.  I had asked this question earlier and I did get a few responses of needs.

Haley-bag tag

Patrick-backpack, bag tag

Zach-backpack, bag tag

Ben W-backpack, bag tag

Nicole-backpack, bag tag

Nina-backpack, bag tag

Katie-backpack, bag tag


Please let us know what your athlete needs and the sizes they need.

yellow SS shirt

teal SS shirt

teal LS shirt

teal hoodie


bag tag


**We ask that your athlete participate in a season before issuing the entire uniform.  We want to make sure that Tennis Buddies and tennis is going to be program that they are committed to.  Thanks for understanding.  That being said, please let me know the sizes that they will be needing.  I will need to have them ordered so that they will have a uniform for the State Games.  The only other items you will need is black or white shorts with pockets or a black or white skort for competitions and appropriate footwear.


Here are the groups your athlete is assigned to:

DUECE (June 7, 28, July 5, 26)

Cael Campin

Ellie Carnazzo

Molly Cline

Ethan Costello

Alan Friedman

Marni Froelich

Kaleb Gass

Camille Kabala

Chloe McClellan

Nina Mills

Adri Reeves

Ivan Smith

Regan Sommerer

Bela Urrutia

Corina Urrutia

Ben Wimmer

Nick Wright

**If I missed a name let me know!


LOVE (June 14, 21, July 12,19)

Matt Cooney

Joey Drwal

Holly Fech

Grace Greenwood

Matt Hoffman

Kylee Kamtz

Monica Kawamoto

Scott Lamb

Tina Maxwell

Patrick McCracken

Hannah Minor

Alina Moser

JD Mossberg

Sam Munzesheimer

Beth Nietzel

Aiden Norris

Ben O'Malley

Zach Reynolds

Kayla Roecker

Brody Schuster

Haley Waggoner

**If I missed a name let me know!


Thanks for taking the time to carefully read this email!  We are excited to be back and are looking forward to a great summerQ



Check out our some of our Tennis Buddies photos and videos.