Important e-mails from Nancy




Click here for the LOVE league schedule for you to print and put on your calendar.  The following will be all the information that you will need to sign your athlete up for the appropriate slots.  I sincerely hope that you will read this email carefully.  If you have any questions or need help just let me know.  You can always find the link to Sign Up Genius on


Go to Sign Up Genius

There will be 3 sign ups now!  If you have already been to Sign Up Genius you will need to return to add your athlete to the appropriate sign ups.


1. LOVE Group clinic 2:45-4:00 - this is for ALL athletes to attend.  


2. LOVE league scheduled players, 4:00-5:00 - Look on the league schedule.  If there is a green X that means that you are scheduled to play in the league.  Go to Sign Up Genius and put your name under this sign up.  If you are unable to play on any of the dates that you are scheduled you will need to contact Tammy Hill at 402-670-7277 or so that she can find a sub for you.  We ask that you give us 48 hours notice if at all possible.  Regardless, you MUST contact Tammy if your athlete will not be in attendance.


3. LOVE league sub- If there is not a green X by your name then you are off that week and will be considered a sub. You may be asked ahead of time or even the day-of to sub.  This sign up is to let us know if you would be available to sub if called upon.  Sign up in this category for any of the weeks that you are not scheduled AND are available to be a sub.  If you are unavailable then don't sign up.

Court assignments for league will be posted on the window at the MAC the day of play, just like the court assignments for the clinic.  


You may notice that Haley and Patrick are scheduled every week of league.  As you might know these are the 2 athletes that will be representing Nebraska tennis at the USA Games in Orlando the first week of June 2022.  Accordingly, they are committed to practicing with coaches as much as can be scheduled.  The court that they will be playing on will be covered by Special Olympics and not with Tennis Buddies funds.  I did not want there to be confusion and concern about the difference in their schedules.  You will also see me participating on that court as I am the coach for the NE tennis.  Thanks for your understanding and be sure to encourage and support them as they prepare for competition in Florida.   


Hope that you are doing well!  We look forward to the start of Tennis Buddies for 2022!  Happy New Year and stay safe and warm.




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